About the Band


New and Used Bluegrass band has at the core, two members who have been friends since high school - Ed Finkner and Toby Price.    Ed Finkner lives near Longwoods, Maryland (near Easton) and plays guitar and sings lead or baritone.  Ed is also a Civil War enthusiast.  Toby Price lives near Millington, Maryland and plays mandolin and sings lead and baritone.  Jon Simmons lives near Greensboro, Maryland and plays fiddle and sings lead and tenor.   We've been fortunate to have Bryan Irwin as bass player and lead/harmony vocalist, and sometimes yodeler, and since Alan Breeding decided to retire from his banjo performances, we've gotten our old (young) friend Martin Wirtz to play banjo and sometimes lead guitar as well as additional lead and harmony vocals.

New and Used Bluegrass Band

  • 4:38